Our Commitment to Sellers

Seahorse_Starboard on the waterWe provide a blanket exposure to your listing through our sales and marketing program, using extensive forms of media. Whether it’s a flyer, a brokerage walk-in, a telephone inquiry, or posting on the Web, you can be assured that we will work hard for you, offering your boat some of the most extensive marketing to yacht buyers available.

Web Exposure

Our use of national, regional and world-wide Internet exposure presents your boat to more potential buyers than ever. You can see our listing in Offshore Magazine, Yacht World, and other sources, including flyers, our networking program and other means of getting the word out about your boat.).

Yacht Broker Cooperation

We share and cooperate your listing with other yacht brokers throughout the world with a Web presentation that is one of the most successful ways to sell boats. All of our Central Listings are directly shared-out to other brokers in the yachting industry and appear world-wide as soon as they are posted.

With the majority of our yacht sales transactions completed with an existing and growing customer base, we realize that going elsewhere — providing your listing to cooperating brokers — adds maximum exposure to your power boat or sailboat.